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Terms and conditions




Contract – includes information from the following documents: Rental Contract, Terms and Conditions of Rental, Hand Over- Take Over Report and full specifications in the Appendixes to the contract.

Car/Vehicle – it represents the vehicle offered for rent with all its accessories.

Listed Tariff – is the charge for a rental day (24 hours) suitable for the rented car.

Fuel – diesel or gasoline, depending on the type of car rented.

User – the person mentioned in the Contract, who may drive the vehicle rented by the Client.

Partner – legal person who mediates renting between Rentissimo and the Client


Contract terms include information in the following documents: Rental Contract, Terms and Conditions of Rental, Hand Over- Take Over Report, cost grid for damage and full specifications in the Appendixes to the Contract.

Conditions herein are binding and must be observed in order to rent a car from Rentissimo.

Prices include all taxes.




1.1. To give the Client the right to use the vehicle which is the subject to Contract by: handing over the vehicle, completing and signing the handing over and taking over report, giving the keys and car documents (registration certificate, RCA insurance policy and road tax).

1.2. To provide the Client with roadside assistance in Romania during the entire contractual period, 24h/24, 7days/7 in case of accident or mechanical breakdown.

1.3. To replace the vehicle (subject to availability), in case of damage that cannot be repaired on the spot, if the damage is not the fault of the Client, within a period of 24 hours, depending on the location where the fault was found.

1.4. If Rentissimo will be unable to replace the Vehicle, the Client will be refunded the cost related to the rent calculated in proportion to the period the vehicle could not be used.

1.5. Rentissimo is not responsible for losses incurred by the Client in case of failure or damage to the vehicle, except the expenditure authorized by Rentissimo for repairs.

1.6. Since the car delivery and up to repossession Rentissimo is exempt from liability for damage caused in traffic by the vehicle rented to the Client, as well as for road or bridge tolls or fines resulting from encroaching a parking space, violation of the road laws or Romanian laws.

1.7. By issuing receipts of completion and cancellation of pre-authorized deposits, Rentissimo is relieved from the unavailability of amounts in the client’s account and recommends contacting and presenting receipts to the bank where the Client owns the card.





In terms of reservations made by phone, e-mail or through partners, reservation can be cancelled by Rentissimo, without owing anything to the client or the intermediary, if the end client does not meet the minimal requirements for rental stipulated in the contract and published on website www.intercarro.ro.

2.1. To be 21 years old, to be the holder of a national and/or international valid driving licence (it is mandatory to have an international license for documents issued in countries with different writing than the Latin alphabet and those obtained by right-hand drive, Ex. UK, India, Australia, Japan.). On signing the Contract, the driving license together with an identity document and a credit card must be presented in original. Using credit card is required for blocking the deposit. No pre-pay cards are accepted.

2.2. Drivers with experience between 0-1 years will be charged a fee as 300 €  and for drivers with experience between 1-3 years will be charged a fee of 100€ . The fee will be applicable per lease, regardless of its duration. If there are additional drivers in the same conditions, with an experience between 0-1 years, 1-3 years respectively, the fee shall be charged only once.

2.3. To allow only persons authorized by Rentissimo and mentioned in the contract or to Rentissimo representatives to drive the vehicle.

2.4. The fee for additional drivers will be 10€ /person. Being mentioned in the Contract, they accept that must meet Rentissimo’s rental conditions.

2.5. To not drive the vehicle off the roadway surfaces, unpaved roads, non-cemented roads, roads closed to public traffic. Otherwise, Rentissimo will receive partially or fully the deposit guarantee.

2.6. To not perform and allow technical or aesthetic interventions without the written consent of Rentissimo.

2.7. To notify Rentissimo, upon its request, on the whereabouts of the vehicle and to allow vehicle inspection by representatives of Rentissimo, within 24 hours of request.

2.8. To not use the vehicle for taxi, driving school, activities of pushing or towing, racing, training, competitions or for the purpose of transporting hazardous substances or illegal activities that can damage the condition of the vehicle, as to not give any purpose other than for passenger transport in leasing regime. If the leased vehicle is seized or destroyed/damaged by the authorities or the Client, as a result of its use for the purpose of obtaining undue benefits by transporting objects or prohibited substances, the Client will be liable for the entire value of the vehicle.

2.9. Pets (for instance: dogs, cats) can be transported in Rentissimo cars only in special boxes (cages, bags) closed during the trip. Otherwise, there will be applied the same conditions under section 3.11.

2.10. For the noncompliance with the obligations of the Client – provided in Chapter 2 (except para. 2.1 – in which case Rentissimo is entitled to unilaterally cancel the reservation without refund of amounts collected in case of advance payment) the full deposit guarantee shall be collected.




3.1. The delivery and return of the vehicle shall be made at the place, date and time agreed between Rentissimo and the Client and mentioned in the reservation form and the Contract. The return of the car in a different place than the one it was delivered shall be made only with Rentissimo consent and will generate additional fees that will be collected by Rentissimo from the deposit guarantee if the client decides the location of handing over the vehicle after taking over it. Restitution is effective upon signing the handing over report by the Rentissimo and the Client.

3.2. For vehicles returned outside office hours (weekends and/or by night) or in weather conditions that prevent the car inspection, the Client’s responsibility for any damage and the release of security until  noon the next working day will be extended.

3.3. The Client abandoning the vehicle under different conditions than it was taken over in the report, without handing over the key to a representative of Rentissimo and without signing bilaterally the taking over report will attract the liability within the security limits specific to each car type.

3.4. Parking fees during the vehicle takeover-delivery in another location than the one proposed by Rentissimo as well as parking for the entire duration of use of the car rented from Rentissimo are borne entirely to the Client. It will bear along with the parking costs, all taxes required by law, both in Romania and in other countries, road and bridge tolls, stationary tolls in airports or special areas with limited duration, fine resulted from breaking traffic rules. In case of non-payment of the above, Rentissimo will pay the fines resulting from the Client’s failure to fulfil the obligations. Rentissimo will invoice the Client the effective value of the fine plus an administration fee of 50€ /fine.

3.5. The Client is held to return the car with the same amount of fuel it had at the beginning of the rental period. Otherwise, following a written notification from Rentissimo, the Client agrees to pay an alimentation fee of 50€ and the equivalent of the missing fuel, according to the fiscal receipt. No credit is given for extra fuel as compared to the initial amount of fuel provided by Rentissimo.

3.6. If the Client fuels the vehicle rented from Rentissimo with another fuel than indicated by the manufacturer (as noted in the registration certificate) the Client is held to pay a service charge in the amount of 50€  , the cost of transport on platform, the cost of immobilization days in service, the cost of repair according to the repair estimate and the appropriate refuelling.


3.7. Rentals outside Romania require Rentissimo’s written consent and are subject to special conditions. There is a limit of 400 km/day and for exceeding the km limit, a fee of 0.10€ /km will be charged. To obtain the documents necessary to transit borders, a fee of 50€ will be charged. The rate for rentals exiting the country will be 10€/day higher than the listed charges.

3.8. The safety deposit for leaving the country is 500€ minimum and 1000€ maximum.

3.9. Traveling abroad is allowed only within the European Union and European Economic Area. Should this obligation be breached, in the event of damage or theft, the Client will be responsible for the entire value of the car.

3.10. In case of fault and/or road events occurred outside the country, the Client, according to the report signed upon taking the car over, must return the car within the borders of Romania bearing the full cost.

3.11. Upon taking over the car by the Client, the car cleanliness status shall be specified, and the Client shall sign the report containing these mentions and photographs of the car’s interior. Where upon return the vehicle requires more than the standard procedure of washing in order to restore the status before renting, the Client agrees to pay administration fees of  50€ added to the services of car wash, according to the invoice and tax bill attached to the e-mail.

3.12. Rentissimo rents the car with a range of accessories consisting of GPS, child seat, snow chains, Wi-fi router according to the following rates:

GPS 5 €/day, up to 50 € maximum

Child Seat 3 €/day, up to 30 € maximum

Snow chains 3 €/day, up to 30 € maximum

Wi-fi Router 5 €/day

3.13. In case of loss or damage of keys, original documents or car accessories, loss of parking ticket or loss of registration plates by the Client, Rentissimo will receive from the Client the value of objects damaged/lost from the price of the purchase invoice of each accessory, or the amount of the fine that a client must pay, plus an administration fee of 50€ .

3.14. If the Client wants to return the vehicle in a different location than the initially set by the Contract, it shall inform Rentissimo in writing or by calling the non-stop support phone number +40730506030. Rentissimo will have to give their consent to this contractual modification and the Client shall pay an additional charge between 30€ and 300€ that will be communicated in writing by Rentissimo, by SMS or email.

3.15 If the Client leaves the car in a different agency than initially established by contract, without notifying the location modification for delivery he/she will be charged an additional fee of 300€ .

3.16. If the vehicle is returned after the time limit set under the contract, an extra charge of 5 €/hour is paid as agreed by the contract. If the Client does not return the rented vehicle or extends the rental period with Rentissimo, the Client undertakes to pay penalties of 10 € /hour. If the Client delays the delivery of the vehicle without Rentissimo consent, Rentissimo is entitled to take back possession on the expense and risk of the Client.

3.17. Rentissimo will not be held liable for any objects forgotten in the vehicle by the Client and unidentified upon the vehicle handover.

3.18.  Smoking in Rentissimo cars is strictly forbidden. In case of non-compliance, the deposit will be partially or fully charged.




4.1. The Client must constitute a deposit called warranty for damages, which may vary between 300 € and 1,000 € depending on the vehicle specified in the contract signed by the parties. The deposit is submitted to the signing of the rental contract and will be blocked by Rentissimo on Client’s credit card. 

4.2. If one of the users mentioned in the contract is between 18 and 25 years or above 70 years, he/she is charged a double guarantee.

4.3. The warranty for damage will be charged in the following conditions:

a) damages (accidents) caused to the rented vehicle, ascertained by the competent bodies of Police, as the fault of the Client or an unknown author (including the situation in which the vehicle is found damaged or vandalized in the parking lot).
b) theft of the rented car 
c) as well as any other exclusions from insurance policies.




5.1. The Client fully pays upon signing the Contract, the rental (car and several options rented) and any additional fees fixed by the report.

5.2. RON billing is made at the UNICREDIT BANK sale rate from the day of signing the Contract.

5.3. Rental payment can be made by credit card, debit card (Visa or MasterCard) or cash. Pre-pay cards, Dinner’s Club or American Express are not accepted.

5.4. Prices do not include fuel costs, road tolls except vignette which is included in the rental fee, fines for breaking traffic regulations on public roads and national legislation in force or costs resulting from the action of local authorities regarding the vehicle which is the subject of this Contract, during the rental period. Full payment of these amounts will be charged to the Client.

5.5. The Client must pay all financial obligations remaining under the Contract, when returning the vehicle, based on the payment document issued by Rentissimo.

5.6. Any amount unpaid by the Client to Rentissimo at the end of the Contract may be charged by Rentissimo from the credit card of the Client with prior written summons. Any amount collected in the absence of the client, with his consent by signing the present conditions, ends with the transmission of an email from Rentissimo containing receipts afferent to cashing.

5.7. In case of delayed payment over the term stipulated in the Contract, penalties amounting to 1% of the amount due for each day of delay shall be paid.

5.8. In the case of unilateral renunciation of the contract by the Client, prior to the agreed contractual period, he/she will not be reimbursed the services. Rentissimo, as a trade gesture to his Client, will provide the counter value of remaining services through a voucher valid for 12 months that the client can use to rent a new vehicle in Rentissimo network.




6.1. The Client must immediately notify Rentissimo and report to the police any damage discovered to the rented vehicle.

6.2. If damage has unknown author, the Client must obtain, prior to returning the car, a Repair Authorization from the police.

6.3. If the accident was the fault of the Client, upon the vehicle handover he has the obligation to submit both the Repair Authorization and the Report issued by the police; the Client must also give a written statement to the Rentissimo headquarters.

6.4. If the client or another road user is responsible for the accident, the Client must complete an amicable settlement or to obtain from the police the Repair Authorization with the official report and the copy of RCA policy belonging to the guilty party, if he/she agrees; Client must also give a written statement to the Rentissimo headquarters.

6.5. In all the above cases the Client must check that all damage found are mentioned in the Repair Authorization.

6.6. In case of breach of procedure for damages, the Client is responsible for the full value of the repairs, immobilisation costs and costs arising from lack of use of the car.




7.1. The terms of extension, cease or early termination of contract cannot be established without Rentissimo consent.

7.2. Client’s intention to extend the contract shall be communicated to Rentissimo, at least 24 hours before the expiration of the Contract. The tariff is paid in the same conditions agreed in the initial contract. The contract may be extended by written consent of both parties.

7.3. Contract is terminated de jure at the end of the lease.

7.4. The contract may be terminated before the expiry by the parties consent or as termination effect.

7.5. Should the contract be terminated, Rentissimo shall notify the Client by phone, fax or e-mail.

7.6. Both for pre-term cease and in the event of termination, the Client has the obligation to deliver the car within 12 hours from the time of termination.




8.1. The Client is rightfully put into delay for all its obligations assumed in the contract and non-respected in due time.

8.2. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Contract shall be settled first amicably and only in case of failure, the parties will address the competent courts in Brasov.

8.3. For any dispute, this Contract constitutes proof.

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